Health Tips: 3 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses

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Why Wear Sunglasses?

Sunglasses should block 98 to 99 percent of UV rays.Polarized Sunglasses reduce the warmth of the sun, allowing somebody to see clearly.Polarized lenses can be replaced every year or two so that they remain equally as successful in safeguarding your eyesight.Well-made sunglasses do far more than make you appear to be a film star.

They can protect your eyes from many difficulties, being composed of these resulting from the sun’s damaging rays.The American Optometric Association states that you need to always don sunglasses during the daylight hours because:

  • They protect against “blue light” from the solar spectrum, which may increase your probability of macular degeneration.
  • They result in improved and comfier vision from not having to squint.
  • They could make it far easier to adapt to darkness. Exposure to bright light can make it even harder to accommodate driving at night.


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